Amongst the competencies enabling us to better navigate in a complex society, negotiation skills are a real value.

The workshop « How to influence and negotiate : the basics » has been designed to address the essentials and to develop your practice.

Learning objectives

√ Clarifying the challenges of negotiating
√ Getting prepared: context analysis, mandate, actors and team, objectives and interest, alternatives;
√ Learning and practicing influential techniques;
√ How to initiate and build the relationship

 Target audience

This workshop is open to all activities and business sectors and suits:

every person willing to get access to their negotiating power as an untapped potential
√ those who negotiate at work and are willing to improve their approach

Participants at previous workshops have included: HR professionals (recruiter, business partner, Head of HR), administrative assistants, office managers, independent board members, production managers, entrepreneurs (freelance and CEOs), communication & events managers, client relationship managers and client developers, heads of IT/logistics/compliance, person in career transition…

Please contact me if you wish to confirm the relevancy for a specific case.


1. Preparation stage
2. Driving discussion
3. Influencing techniques

4. Leveraging the psychology of your counterparty

Participants receive a pragmatic and professional training binder.

Schedule and location

√ The seminar has been designed on one day
√ It will take place from 8.30 am till 5.30 pm
√ The session is organized in a hotel located at a distance of 25 minutes driving from Luxembourg city. Accommodation facilites are available on site.


To be confirmed


√ 600 EUR / participant (excl. VAT)
√ Early Bird offer : 540 EUR (excl. VAT) for any registration confirmed and paid one month prior to the seminar.

Registration and other specificities

√ registrations take place  by clicking here
√ to faster dynamic role simulations the training is designed for a maximum of 12 participants
√ each workshop is facilitated by two trainers : Alexis Kyprianou & Christelle Cornet